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Why Rest Secured?

Reducing your risk by finding vulnerabilities painlessly

You are exposing APIs to the public network but don't have the time to pentest every release. But if issues slip through, these APIs open the door for malicious attacks resulting in valuable data loss, denial of service and ultimately lost of trust and loyalty by your customers.

By integrating Rest Secured in your software development life cycle you can find vulnerabilities much faster, earlier and cheaper than with traditional penetration testing.



Rest Secured is fully automated! You only need to submit an API specification, such as Swagger, for us to start testing it. This way we can virtually eliminate all the manual work required by traditional penetration testing suites.

And since most specifications can be updated automatically when your API changes, you never have to reconfigure Rest Secured.

By devs for devs

Rest Secured is built with developers' needs front and center.

Our reports are user friendly, require no prior security knowledge and give suggestions on how to fix vulnerabilities.


We support out-of-the-box integration with Slack, Heroku, GitHub* and Bitbucket*. And using our API it's easy to integrate with many more.

How Does It Work?

Black box testing

To identify vulnerabilities we send malformed requests to you API and analyze the responses. Therefore no access to your source code is required, and you can get started in minutes without any changes.

Input validation

We purposely break the rules of the API contract to assess the robustness of your input validation. This is a very common security technique used by attackers to pinpoint points of entry.

OWASP Top 10

The Open Web Application Security Project publishes every year the Top 10 most critical vulnerabilities facing organizations. We follow their guidelines to help protect you against them.




per month

  • 5 endpoints*
  • ∞ Scans
  • One user
  • From the cloud
  • Limited support


per month

  • 50 endpoints*
  • ∞ Scans
  • One user
  • From the cloud
  • Online support


Request quote
  • As many endpoints* as you need.
  • ∞ Scans
  • As many users as you have
  • Cloud or on-premises
  • Priority Support

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